How You Can Help

Share your skills

We're all volunteers in this effort, and we welcome anyone who values a tree-filled community. We have members who contribute time and expertise in a wide variety of ways. You probably have a skill that we can use. We need good ideas and willing workers to make this a green, tree-filled community.

Donate funds

Your monetary contribution will help make our community more green and inviting. In these difficult economic times, our city's priorities are on essential services, so we're counting on residents to see the importance of this effort and help bring more trees to our neighborhoods.

Plant a tree in your yard

We can offer help and expertise on tree selection, planting, and care. Even the best tree won't do well in a poorly chosen location. We also hope to assist homeowners in finding the best prices on trees by locating good inexpensive sources and, possibly, by going for large-order discounts. Watch this website for further information on these efforts.

Share information

A big part of our mission is to educate the public about the importance of trees and proper tree care. You can help with our educational program aimed at school children or just help spread the word among your neighbors about what we do. Every resident of our community who sees the importance of trees can help us in our efforts.